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1000 Trees for 1000 Year Application

1000 Trees for 1000 Years was founded with the goal of planting Bald Cypress trees and other keystone species across the Southeast United States. Bald Cypress trees play a key role in the health of our ecosystems. They are one of the longest lived and tallest trees in the Southeast and can live for up to 4,000 years and grow over 200 feet tall. We believe that by planting these trees today in areas where they can thrive, many of them will be around 1,000 years from now, connecting us to future generations.

Each year we open up this application to individuals and organizations wanting to coordinate tree plantings in the Southeast. We use this application to help identity which projects best align with the objectives of our program and will help spread the message of 1000 Trees for 1000 Years.

We are accepting applications now through August 30th. We will review all applications after the survey has closed for tree giveaways between August - May. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at

You will not be able to save and return to this application once started, if you would like to see all questions asked before beginning click here

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